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The Finnish Lapphund comes in a wide range of colours, the UK standard states:

All colours allowed except merle. Main colour must dominate. Markings differing from the main colour are permitted on head, neck, chest, legs, tail and underside of body.

The FCI/Finnish standard states:

Colour: All colours are permitted. The basic colour must be dominant. Colours other than the basic colour can occur on head,neck, chest, underside of the body, on legs and tail.

Both standards require there to be a dominant main colour, which means the breed cannot be parti colour, have a saddle pattern, be merle or brindle. But otherwise no colour is more sought over than any other. The breed colours vary from cream to black and almost anything in between.

Genetics will control the colours expected in a litter, and certain combinations cannot be produced from some parental combinations, so if you have a colour preference then check out the options, your breeder should be able to advise. For those wanting to understand the genetics the following resources are very helpful:

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