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DNA Testing

DNA testing is available for a number of conditions seen in Finnish Lapphunds.  DNA testing allows the gene status of an individual to be identified, and this in turn allows breeders to plan matings to ensure that affected animals cannot be produced for the respective condition.

As breeders we are fortunate to have three DNA schemes available to us, two of which are mandatory under the Code of Ethics from both clubs.  The third is not seen necessary to be adopted as a required test as yet.

For each of the conditions below – which are proven to be inherited through a simple autosomal recessive gene, the DNA status can clearly identify:

  • Clear/Normal – dogs that have no copies of the faulty gene therefore cannot develop the condition or pass on the faulty gene to their offspring
  • Carrier – dogs have one copy of the normal gene and one copy of the faulty gene  – therefore they cannot develop the condition, but potentially will pass on the faulty gene to 50% of their offspring
  • Affected Dogs – have two copies of the faulty gene that cause the condition, and therefore will develop the condition and will pass a copy of the faulty gene to all their offspring.
  1. PRCD-1 PRA
  2. Glyogen Storage Disease Type II (Pompe /GSD II)

Additionally many dogs are defined as hereditary clear – by virtue of both parents being identified as clear – these will be noted on the dog’s individual KC Health records online  (Note the KC plan to limit hereditary clear status to be defined for 2 generations – DNA test being required in 3rd generation dogs unless parentage confirmed by DNA tests, date for this change yet to be announced.)

To find individual results use the KC Health Test Finder

Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) is a hereditary progressive spinal cord degeneration that leads to weakness in the back of the dog and possibly subsequent paralysis.  As yet there is little evidence that confirms a direct relationship between the dogs that are suspected of exhibiting symptoms of DM and the DNA results.

However the Lappalaiskoirat Ry club are collecting DM results to monitor the situation

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