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BVA/KC Elbow Scheme

Screening programme run by BVA/KC

The Elbow Dysplasia scheme is not mandated by the breed clubs or Assured Breeders Scheme but Elbow Dysplasia has a strong genetic component so is screening is advised

Elbow dysplasia (ED) is used to describe a range of deformities that can affect the elbow joint sites. The Elbow scores are 0 to 3, where 0 is a normal elbow. Results where available can be viewed on the KC Health Test Results Finder web site, or family results can be viewed using Mate Select.

The KC/BVA Elbow Dysplasia scheme is relatively new and as such not all breeders monitor for this condition.  Also incidence of ED based on dogs in Finland is low.

To submit a dog for hip scoring – the dog must be at least one year old (there is no upper age limit), x-rays will need to be taken and submitted to the BVA/KC scheme for scoring. Once the X-ray has been scored, the results will be published and can be compared to the breed average. Elbow and hip x rays can be taken at the same time to reduce the number of anesthetics needed by the dog.

More information on the BVA Elbow dysplasia 


  • What is elbow dysplasia?
  • How do I submit my X rays?
  • What are the costs

Breeding Guidelines For Dogs That Have Been Elbow Graded

Other approved elbow scoring schemes are recognised by the Kennel Club, eg OFA in USA  the ANKC in Australia and European national schemes.  However such results whilst noted on a dog’s record at the KC they are not made public on the KC Find a health test online service.  Some schemes such as OFA require the dog to be a minimum of 2 years of age. It is wise to check with the KC if a particular scheme is acceptable.  Where dogs have been scored under different schemes the results may not be listed online – so you should check the results directly via the issued certificates.  Where notified to the breed clubs we will record on this site.

UK Dogs scored under alternative schemes

Dog Scheme Result date
Elbereth Lumenlumo Australia 0/0 02/01/2021

Dogs Reported with Elbow Dysplasia (not scored via published scheme)

Tabanyaruu Kantri Hapi (Fihtolas Gateway x Tabanyaruu Peppi)

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